Taupo – Event Capital of New Zealand

Events are recognised as being an important part of the identity, economy and energy of
the Taupo District. Taupo is known as the events capital of NZ and that is a reputation we
wish to keep.

We have built this reputation due to the world class nationally/internationally recognised
events hosted in Taupo including Cycle Challenge, New Zealand Ironman, Taupo Summer
Concert, Oxfam Trail Walker, Great Lake Relay, Erupt Arts Festival, Sika Show as well as a
multitude of Motorsport, Equestrian, multi-sport and many other events.

We have a positive event culture and reputation for event support that is second to none
in New Zealand. So much so that Taupo was recognized in 2010 for its calibre of events
delivery by winning the International Festivals and Events Association’s (IFEA) World
Festival and Event City Award (population under 100,000 category).
Events form a very significant part of the Taupo districts identity and source of pride. Taupo
District Council (TDC) is a major driver and supporter of events across our District as
events provide significant economic benefits, a positive profile, community cohesion and
help make Taupo a great place to live.

To achieve this we work across all aspects of event delivery:

  • Venue provision;
  • Investment – both feasibility & seed funding as well as provision of non-monetary
    support such as equipment provision;
  • Marketing; and
  • Advisory.

However our position as Events Capital has not only happened because of the vision of
Taupo District Council it has come out of ongoing strong relationships & collaboration
between ourselves event entrepreneurs, local businesses, the community, regional
government, National government and international partners. Without these partnerships
we would not be in the position we are today.